Discover the secrets of a happy, loving and passionate relationship!

The Daily Relationship Tips Group Coaching Programmme will teach you proven communication skills, how to express your love in unique and powerful ways and the secrets to creating more intimacy in your relationship.

Are you tired of a fading or broken relationship?

Do you long for the days when your partner was more loving and caring with you?

Does it feel like something is missing between you and your partner, but you're not sure what that is?

If so, this is the right place to be!

The Daily Relationship Tips Group Coaching Programme was designed by relationship expert Alastair Duhs.

Comprising of monthly live online group coaching sessions, in the Daily Relationship Tips Group Coaching Program you will learn:

How to communicate with your partner better
How to create a deeper and more meaningful emotional connection
How To Manage Conflict Effectively
The secrets of creating A more Passionate Sex-Life
happy couple bed
How To creating more happiness and fun In Your Relationship
And Much, Much More!

Accessing these live group coaching sessions will almost guarantee that you will create a happier and more loving relationship. Furthermore, I will record each of these group coaching sessions and send it to you after the event, so that you can refer to these sessions as often as you want to!

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About Alastair Duhs

Alastair Duhs is a relationship coach with over 30 years experience helping couples create a happier, more loving and passionate relationship. Alastair has coached thousands of couples and knows what it takes to make your relationship blossom.

Alastair believes that creating a happy, loving and passionate relationship starts by reducing conflict and increasing communication in your relationship. Once you have learned to do this, by putting in a little time every day, you and your partner can create the relationship of your dreams!